I design fiction... making fiction real and imaginable...connecting audiences emotionally to the realm of the story we are telling

I say that I "design fiction" because production design is not quite like any other form of design. It's not just about taste or trend. The building blocks I start with are character, mood and atmosphere. My job is to create the physical environment to best frame and enhance the story. Conceiving inspired artistic spaces that carry emotional meaning and accentuate the story, that's my job. I create worlds for stories to be told on screen and I do it with the vision of the tale we are telling. The tone and the mood of the story inspire the sets I create.  

I'm here to build on the director's vision in three dimensions. Together, we create a visual shorthand...and when we do, amazing things are possible:

The Versace atelier in it's hey-day at the height of the eighties...

A giant beluga-shaped snack bar on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Saguenay.

The decaying, abandoned home of a depraved rapist that carries such dark secrets, no one wants to enter...

In the last twenty-five-years, I've designed more than three thousand sets-some big, some quite simple.  But I don't do it alone.  A huge part of my job is to lead and inspire the art department.  I love working with a team, from the carpenters that build the sets, to my decorators that help carry the vision, to the petite main that bring in the details nobody else has time to think about.  When it all comes together, we step back.  When we've done our job right, the director and DP can walk onto the set and find all the tools they need to frame the story.  When we've done our job right, the crew and cast will feel immersed in the story even before the cameras start rolling. I make fiction real! I make fiction imaginable!