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demo reel - 5 mins. edited 2012

  • Who Loves the Sun director Matt Bissonette, producer Corey Marr, principal cast:  Molly Parker, Adam Scott, Lucas Hass
  • Mambo Italiano director Emile Gaudreault, produced by Cinemaginaire, producer Denise Robert and Daniel Louis, principal cast: Paul Sorvino, Mary Walsh, Ginette Renault
  • Serveuse Demandees director Guylaine Dionne, prroduced by Parc X productions, producer Kevin Tierney
  • The Intruder director David Bailey, produced by Kingsborough Films, principal cast:  Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Natasha Kinsky, John Hanna, Molly Parker
  • Mary Shelley director Guylaine Dionne, produced by Cine Quo Non Films, Michel Ouellette
  • Idole Instantanee director Yves Desgagnes, produced by Cinemaginaire, producers Denise Robert and Daniel Louis, principal cast: Claudine Mercier, Louise Turcot, Pierre Curzi,
  • Looking for Leonard director Matt Bissonette,& steve Clark,  producer Sylvia Wilsonprincipal cast:  Molly Parker, Kim Huffman, Justin Pierce, Joel Bisonnette, Ben Ratner